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Old Cadiz Cemetery

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SURNAMES - Transcribed from Hanna's Historical Collections of Harrison County

The Old Cadiz Cemetery is located at the corner of Ohio and South Streets in Cadiz. It is in Section 5, Township 10, Range 5. It was established around 1810 and contains .194 acre. Few people were buried here after 1860.

Most of the markers have been removed. A more complete reading was made by W. L. Lucas in October 1921. These readings, supplemented by those of Charles A. Hanna, are used in the book, CADIZ TOWNSHIP CEMETERIES, published by the Society.

"OUR HARRISON HERITAGE" vol. X No. 2 and Vol. X No. 3 (1992 Summer & Fall Issues) can be purchased for $2.50 from: Harrison County Genealogical Society, 45507 Unionvale Rd., Cadiz, OH 43907. These issues give the complete story on the cemetery and list all the burials known and recorded.

Highlights of the story are: "By 1930 the stones could no longer be read; most of the stones had fallen down and were broken; and it was now impossible to mow and maintain the cemetery. It grew up in briars, poison ivy and trees. It was bad. In 1934 the readable and standing stones were left in place and the rest were cemented together in a memorial. A bronze plaque was presented by the Moravian Trail Chapter DAR in 1976 and placed on the memorial. The small bronze markers were never placed for each person."

Please do not send monies for this project which was started nearly 70 years ago and is not active at the present time.

I hope this will clear up the confusion regarding the cemetery.

Photos by Allev V. Sparrow

Surnames of Those listed as Buried in Old Cadiz Cemetery
Transcribed from Hanna's Historical Collections of Harrison County by Melanie Cox

The earliest burial listed in the Old Graveyard at Cadiz (that I found in Hanna's)
was in 1814 and the most recent was in 1873

Adams, Alexander, Allen, Amspoker, Anderson, Andrews, Arnold, Barcroft, Barger, Barnett, Beale, Beatty, Beebe, Bennett, Bingham, Birch, Blackford, Bostwick, Boyd, Braden, Brister, Brothers, Burney, Burwell, bushfield, Cady, Caldwell, Campbell, Carnahan, Chambers, Christy, Clandon, Clark, Clifford, Collins, Cox, Crabb, Craig, Crawford, Crouser, Culbertson, Dawson, Ditmars, Doig, Douglas, Drummond, Duncan, Dunlap, Edwards, Farrell, Ferguson, Findley, Forbes, Francis, Fryer, Fulton, Furney, G__vin, Gallagher, Gillespie, Gilmore, Glass, Glassgow, Gordon, Gray, Grimes, Grove, Guthrie, Hamilton, Hanna, Harper, Harshe, Hatcher, Haverfield, Healea, Hedges, Henderson, Hitchcock, Hoffman, Hogg, Howard, Houser, Hoyt, Hull, Hunter, Jamson, Jewett, Johnson, Jones, Junkins, Kerr, Kilgore, Kimble, King, Knox, Lacey, Lafferty, Laughlin, Leacock, Lee, Lorland, Love, Lyons, McAdams, McLellan, McCoy, McCue, McFadden, McGrew, McKinna, Maholm, Maish, Mahood, Marker, Martin, Maxwell, Mayes, Mealey, Means, Meek, Meeks, Mehollin, Miller, Milligan, Mitchell, Moore, Oglevee, Olmstead, Osborn, Parr, Parish, Patton, Paxton, Peppard, Pepper, Phillips, Portor, Price, Pritchard, Pugh, Rabe, Ramsey, Rankin, Rea, Richey, Riley, Ritchie, Robinson, Rose, Ross, Sankey, Scoles, Scott, Sharp, Shotwell, Slemmons, Sloan, Snmley, Smith Snider, Spear, Steward, Stubbens, Taggart, Thompson, Timmons, Tipton, Vandergraft, Vandolah, Wagers, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Ward, Weaver, Welch, Welling, Wells, White, Wilkin, Williams, Wilson, Young.