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Tedrow Cemetery Inscriptions

The following information was submitted by Michael L. Tedrow, Mount Vernon, Indiana 47620.  The cemetery was read by William "Bill" Henderson of Harrison Co. to whom we are indebted.

The Tedrow Cemetery is located in the NE quarter of section 19, Township 11, Range 4. It is located on Toker Road (TR164) which is .6 Mi west of Millers Station Rd.(CR4). Turn into the barnyard and walk .4 Mi to the family cemetery at the top of the hill. Established in 1812 - .0828 acres. The Brick farm house here has been torn down. The spring house and barn were still standing when last I visited some years ago.

There were 24 markers in the cemetery. The following list is from a reading done July 31, 1990.

TEDROW, George; departed this life, Nov. 15, 1818, aged 50 years.
TEDROW, Rachel; died June 17, 1858, aged 81y, 3m, 2d. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord" Briggs-Richmond.
TEDROW, George; died Sep. 18, 1890, aged, 87y, 1m, 2d.
TEDROW, Elizabeth; Wife of Geo. Tedrow, died Oct 3, 1889, ae 33y, 4m, 29d.
TEDROW, Frances; dau. of George & Elizabeth, d. June 4th 1885, ae 47y,6m,10d.
TEDROW, Issac; died Oct. 24, 1831, aged 24years, 3months & 6days.
TEDROW, Washington R.; died Dec. 8, 1849, aged 49years, 8Mo., 8days.
TEDROW, Julian; wife of Washington R., d. May 13, 1849, ae 33y, 4m, 29d.
TEDROW,  (illegible); son of Washington, who departed this (illegible), June 15, 1839, aged 3 months.
TEDROW, Rachel; dau. of  W. R. & Julian, died Mar. 12, 1841, ae 8m. & 15d.
TEDROW, Absalom; son of Washington R. & Julian, who departed this life March 10th, 1846, aged 2years, 2months & 14 days.
TEDROW, Julian; dau. of W. R. & J., died Sep. 28, 1847, aged 1yr & 6Mo.
TEDROW, Willis; son of W. R. & J., died November 7th, 1848, aged 2m & 23d.
TEDROW, Lemuel; son of W. R. & Julian, died Dec. 3, 1849, aged 8 months.
GRUBER, Margaret; wife of John Gruber, died Jan. 22, 1846, ae 35y, 9m & 13d.
GRUBER, Rachel T.; dau. of John & Margaret, d. Oct. 1, 1830, ae 2y, 7m & 19d.
GRUBER, Marthaellen(?); dau. of M. & J. Gruber, d. Feb.1, 1830, ae 6mo & 11days.
TEDROW, Golliah Sr.; born 1817, died 1905.
TEDROW, Chistiana; wife of Goliah Tedrow Sr., d. Nov. 2, 1853, ae 32y, 10m, 24d.
TEDROW, Hattie; wife of Goliah Tedrow (Jr.?), d. Feb. 12, 1898, ae 41y, 4m, 24d.
KEMP, John G.; died October 31, 1862, aged 48 years.
ANDERSON, Rachel; wife of Wm. Anderson, d. Dec. 8, 1849, ae 22y, 11m, 8d.
( illegible), Elizabeth; daughter of ...(rest of stone missing).
( illegible), ( illegible); (accompaying footstone with letters "N. T.")

read by: William "Bill" Henderson, Harrison County, Ohio, July 31, 1990